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Sales Rules + Want List

Sales and Auction Rules - Please read!
- Last Updated 21 Dec 2015 to include few changes in changes from the PO and hold policy
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Wants list
Trades are welcome for things in my want list.

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New Sales Post for 2015!

Please read my sales rules on the link above before posting comment (:


Currently under renewal, so some of the listings are a bit outdated!

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None at the moment!

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Straight Sales

Metal Figures
10% off for metal figures if you purchase 4 or more
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Charms/ Badges/ pins
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Figures/ zukan

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Stationery/ Misc Items
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These are items that have been sitting with me for a while, all price have been cut but haggling is okay.
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Please click here for flat sales (stickers, clear files, misc), Updated 2-Oct-2015

And Please Check out my Non-pokemon Sales too, it has also been updated (2-Oct-2015) <3
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Thank you :D


Flat Sales Post

Flat Sales

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Thanks as always :D

Please check out my main sales and sent all comments/ questions for orders there for any purchase.

((Click for MAIN SALES POST))


Custom Sales

Please refer to my sales rule page before ordering, thank you :)

Figures in display cases
The figures are fixed in the display case can cannot be removed, made of Super lightweight modelling clay. As the name implies, they are very light weight. They are also somewhat squishy.
P1100179 (Medium)

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Claims will close 1 month before the scheduled release date

Updated Scheduled Release Date: 29th March, 2016

Manufacturer: Bandai
Line up: Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur
Size: Pikachu is 3.7cm long, so expect them to be around 3.5-4.5cm.

As usual, I will be picking up full sets only, each set will be $32 including shipping and all fees to ANYWHERE.
Tracking can be requested at your extra cost when I collect payment.
The mascot are PVC and comes with a ballchain or clasp.

*** There are 2 version: The pokemon are the same, but they will be either with the ballchain OR the clasps.
When commenting, please let me know your preferece, even if you have no preference. ***
And if you have a preference, please also let me know if you would be like the other if your choice cannot be fulfilled in the unlikely case.

Slots are unlimited but if it reachers 20+ I might just have to make separate trips :P

No preference:

Ball Chain:
1. hokeypokeyboop
2. bulbybulbasaur

Lobster Clasp:
1. syminka
2. redkibajed
3. jagged_steel
4. sleep_is_god
5. brunnera93

Pokemon Clear File Collection

I have been starting collection clear files in the late 2011. I stored them in a big bag usually but I finally got to somewhat sorting them and share :D

Apologize for the quality of the photo, took them using my phone ^^;

DSC_1348 (Medium)
(Clear files sorting in progress)

If you have clear files that are from 2011 or sooner and not in this post, I might be interested. I have doubles of some of the clear files that I will be happy to trade. Thank you :D

Cut for Clear File Collection! (Somewhat image heavy)Collapse )

Thank you very much for reading :D
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Claims will close 1 month before the scheduled release date

Full sets of 5, inserts included - $24 SHIPPED ANYWHERE (all fees included)
Line up:
New Pokemon !?

Updated photo:
New pokemon revealed to be Zygarde core
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Full sets of 5, inserts included - $24 SHIPPED ANYWHERE (all fees included)
Line up:
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