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Please check out my Storenvy too, and leave a comment here if you want to combine!
Link to my storenvy shop:

(If you see items appear from both this sales and my store, then it's because I moved some here for discount/ quick sale ^^;)

Thank you (:



General Rules:
- Shipping is from Hong Kong via airmail (small packet), estimated delivery time is 5-16 working days to most countries. Registered airmail (signature required on delivery) is available for an extra $2.2. If you don't get registered mail, you are responsible for lost/ damaged packages. Feedback
- Price includes shipping and fees to ANYWHERE in bubble mailer! If you want a box, let me know but please be aware it will cost considerably more.
- Paypal Only, no e-cheque at this time please!

Pre-order/ Pick up information / rules:

Payment due: After I picked up the sets until Monday 13th October. If that might be a problem and you want to pay a bit earlier/ later, please let me know before the pick up. I will make a post on pkmncollectors and tag you, or reply to your initial comment for payment.

Pick up date: During the week that starts at 5th October (Date not confirmed but most likely that Friday)
Update: Will be going on Wednesday 8th October (:

All paid orders will be shipped on the following Saturday or Monday.

- Sets are picked up NIP and will come with inserts. I have no controls of how Takara Tomy handles the paint job. Capsules are not included for the sake of shipping cost but can be include for free if you are willing to pay for extra cost of shipping. Just let me know if you want them.

All Claims are final, no backing out/ deleting/ editing comments. If you made a mistake, correct by replying to your own comment!
Sylveon, Dedenne, Marill, Whimsicott, Mawile, Gardevoir
Price for full set of 6 , inserts included:
$24 including shipping and fees to anywhere, i will upgrade to registered mail for free if you purchase 2 sets or more. I am picking up sets only.

I am currently opening slots for 20 sets, up to 3 sets per person. If there's enough interest, I may open more slots.

*Update* All confirmed slots are taken for now, but feel free to request if you want to be put on the wait list. I will ask the shop owner tomorrow and see if he might be able to sell me more sets and I will get back to you as soon as I find out (:

*Update 2* Wait list have been moved to confirm list, thank you :D

All slots are confirmed. If you are on the list, you will get your set for sure.
1-2. jen81489 (2 sets) + Noivern kids figure

3. splash
4. latias_latios_7 - registered mail, paid early
5, 26. yellowmudkip (2 sets)
6. sushirisu + 1 marill
7. creampuffoholic
8, 15. johnnytoon (2 sets)
9. chromapika - registered mail
10. o0vailo0o
11. joy_dust - registered mail
12. hanteninuyasha
13. chibi_tigre
14. ipm117
16. zefiru + sleeping figures x 1 + pikachu ippai vol.2 x 1
17. dingyringo
18. bunnystrut
19. chatsy
20. rainyan
21. acidmimi
22. sleepylampent
23. zugagirl
24. esotu
25. hamsteh
27. neeko48
28. eternal_rena
29. Split set: niraito - Gardevoir, Mawile , schenzi - Sylveon, Dedenne, Whimsicott



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