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Minimum purchase: $3 for non-flats and $1 for flats.

* First to commit gets priority, please make sure you state clearly that you are "committed" (if I don't see the word commit I may assume you aren't yet). And Please pay within 24 hours after I give you a total, if that might be a problem, let me know in advance. If you are worried about shipping/ etc., you are free to say things like "committed only if ....." and such. Asking for a hold and backing out/ not paying on time will result in negative feedback.

Swadloon/ Joltik kids figure is used for size reference only *
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Straight Sales

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Due to the large number of items I have, all flat items have been moved to a separate post, please click on link above to be redirected, thanks!


Flat Sales Post

Flat Sales

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Please Refer to Rules on main sales page and comment that post for purchasing, thanks :D

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Wants list

Wants list

- N Pokemoate rubber strap and charm
- Zukans: Latios/ Latias 10th anniversary version
- Poliwhirls: Poliwhirl plushplush, beanie plush
- Turtwigs: Amigarumi (?) Turtwig Pokedoll
- Others: Combee Jakks and Banpresto plushes, Clear Budew Kids figure, and feel free to point me to clear files that are released before 2012 :3

(Photo stolen from different sources, if they belonged to you and you don't want them here I will remove it)
Hang tag isn't a must, but prefer to pay less if no hang tag.


- Escha and Logy's Atelier Visual Art Book
- Fire Emblem Awakening Drama CD Vol.1+2

Trades are always welcome if you want anything from my sales. Please let me know if you have them for sale or know where I can get them <3
I have fallen in love with Sumikko Gurashi ever since I found out about them in late 2013, so I thought I would try spreading love for them a bit now that I have got some more new stuffs :'D

My icon is Tokage (lizard) from the series. Tokage is actually a dinosaur, but he pretends to be a lizard to avoid being caught xD he's my favourite character from the series!

Sumikko Gurashi means "Living in the corner", and features a lot of different cute creatures that loves living in the corners, as the name inplies.

(above copied from san-x official website)

There's a site with rough translation of information about them! It's missing a few characters but will give you a good idea. They have interesting stories behind them (: link:

So anywhere... here's some of my stuffs :D I have a lot more but I need to take more photos later.

Mini beanie plushes and dust bag. I actually helped my friend bought the bag and the :) face grass and dust plushes, but I took a photo before giving them to her :3

Memo pads! I just love those. If you have bought from me before, you might have already received these in person already xD
. DSC_0341

Wall storage scroll thing from the Sumikko House promo <3

Keychain that I am using now :3

Pencil boards :3

Now for some Tokage Appreciation <3



Hand-made stuffs :P

That's all for now, will update this later when I have time.

I hope you like them!


  • Sales permission on pkmncollectors granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, all pkmncollector's rules apply. My feedback

  • Price is in USD, I accept paypal only, no e-cheques please!

  • Shipping is from Hong Kong via airmail (small packet), estimated delivery time is 5-16 working days to most countries, I shiping once every 1-2 weeks only due to my job. Registered airmail (signature required on delivery) is available for an extra $2.2. If you don't get registered mail, you are responsible for lost/ damaged packages. US resident can also choose e-Express (e-packet) for $1.5 extra instead.

  • Price includes shipping and fees to ANYWHERE in bubble mailer! If you want a box, let me know but please be aware it will cost considerably more.

  • Payment due: After I picked up the sets, you have 48 hours to pay. If that might be a problem and you want to pay a bit earlier/ later, please let me know before the pick up. I will make a post on pkmncollectors and tag you, and/ or reply to your initial comment for payment.

  • Zukan Schedule Release Date: 22-28 Feb 2015, Pick up will be done in 1-2 weeks after the zukan is released, as I will have to wait for stores here to stock them so they won't be availabe right on release day, I pick these up from a physical shop.

  • Sets are picked up NIP and will come with inserts. I have no controls of how Takara Tomy handles the paint job. Capsules are not included for the sake of shipping cost but can be include for free if you are willing to pay for extra cost of shipping. Just let me know if you want them.

  • All Claims are final, no backing out/ deleting/ editing comments. If you made a mistake, correct by replying to your own comment!

Zukan XY04 Content:

Price: Set of 4 Capsules - $25 including shipping and fees to anywhere, I will be picking sets up only.
Primal Groudon, Mega Blastoise, Goodra line,
Dragalge line

I am happy to ship to separate address but you will have to work amongst yourselves on how to split a complete set. They will be $6 + shipping ($3-4) per capsule.

All confirmed slots are guaranteed. I can manage picking up around 20 sets at a time (:
1. soge94
2. schenzi (
Goodra line + Dragalge line) + babygape (Primal Groudon + Mega Blastoise)
3. spasjoltik
4. grind3h (Goodra line + Primal Groudon + Mega Blastoise) + otterette (Dragalge line)
5. chromapika
6. herar

7. slothyshroom
8. nysaurus
9. acidmimi
10. fox7xd (
Goodra line) + jadekitty777 (Dragalge line + Mega Blastoise)+ raz2b (Primal Groudon)
11. sketchies

12-13. jen81489
14. cinclosoma
15. captainangel

16. puckyducky
17. agkelikos (Goodra line + Dragalge line) + pepperzark (Primal Groudon) + psychopathwolfy (Mega Blastoise)
18. tornup_memories (Dragalge line + Primal Groudon + Mega Blastoise) + triplewipe45 (Goodra line)
19. chevargo
20. handmadehail

21. kelly2thec

If there's other Gashaphon sets that you are interested in, let me know and I can see if they might be available in the shops too (:


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