Pokemon Clear File Collection

I have been starting collection clear files in the late 2011. I stored them in a big bag usually but I finally got to somewhat sorting them and share :D

Apologize for the quality of the photo, took them using my phone ^^;

DSC_1348 (Medium)
(Clear files sorting in progress)

If you have clear files that are from 2011 or sooner and not in this post, I might be interested. I have doubles of some of the clear files that I will be happy to trade. Thank you :D

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Thank you very much for reading :D

Kirby Nendoroid!

OMG, Kirby as Nendoroid! Just another surprise after the N Nendoroid ;u;


Pre-painted Posable Figure
Size: Approx. H60mm (non-scale)
Material: ABS, PVC

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Smiling face
-Serious face
-Inhaling ability face
-After inhaling face
-Ability parts (sword)
-Ability parts (fire)
-Star rod

Available on Amiami at 3460yen, and I had to preorder one!

Some non-pokemon collection - Sumikko Gurashi <3

I have fallen in love with Sumikko Gurashi ever since I found out about them in late 2013, so I thought I would try spreading love for them a bit now that I have got some more new stuffs :'D

My icon is Tokage (lizard) from the series. Tokage is actually a dinosaur, but he pretends to be a lizard to avoid being caught xD he's my favourite character from the series!

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Update 15/4/15

Tokage XL arrived. Picked it up locally <3

My plushes and art board (canvas) :D
Waiting for the Marine Promo for more Tokage! Also waiting for Tokage (S) plush to arrive.

---------- End of Update ----------

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That's all for now, will update this later when I have time.

I hope you like them!