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[sticky post] Sales Rules + Want List

Sales and Auction Rules - Please read!

  • Sales permission on pkmncollectors granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11, all pkmncollector's rules apply. My feedback

  • Shipping is from Hong Kong.

  • Price in USD and does not include shipping, packaging and other fees.

  • I ship once every 1-2 weeks only due to my job, sorry :(

  • All items are sold as is! You will get the exact item that is photographed, unless otherwise stated / if item is NIP. Not all items are new and some packaging might have damages during storage.

  • Please inquire about conditions first if you have concern, especially if you are picky about packaging. I can take extra photos on request.

  • Everything that comes with boxes will have the boxes flattened by default for protection unless otherwise requested.

  • Payment plan can be discussed if your total is over $50

  • Payment is required in 24 hours I gave you a total, if you need more time to pay, please let me know before you commit or placing a bid. If you commit and fail to pay on time, I reserve the right to leave neutral/ negative feedback and will pass the item to next person in line.

- For Auction only: Please Note that auction price do not include shipping or fees. No editing/ deleting bids, and please reply to highest bidder or else your bid may not be counted.

  • Holding Policy:

  • * If you are very interested in an item but would like more info before deciding, you can ask for a temporary hold for 12 hours. Otherwise, item go to whoever committed first. The word "commit" must be included, or I reserve the right to pass your item to the next person in line.

  • Any longer holds are only available for committed purchase, but they have to be discussed before hand.

Shipping methods: (Price including handling/ packaging costs)

Unless otherwise requested, I will choose the cheapest shipping method. Any purchase over $40 will need to be sent using a secure method. I pack all items carefully but if you have a prefered packaging method (i.e. boxes/ poster tubes etc.), please let me know.  I may reuse packaging material, please state if this may be a concern to you. Please inquire if you want insurance as it cost a different amount of money depending on shipping method and cost of package.

  • Airmail: starts at $2.2 (<30g) / $3.1 (<50g) for small figures and around $6 for medium sized plushes, No tracking/ insurance. I will not hold responsibility for any lost/ damaged package sent using this method.

  • Registered Airmail: Costs a flat $2.2 in addition to airmail rates. Partial tracking only, signature required on delivery.

  • e-Express (e-packet): Starts at $3-$6 depending on your country. Full tracking available, will be treated as priority so would be slightly faster than airmail. Signature is not required.

  • Speedpost (EMS): Fastest shipping method, tracked and insured. Please note that it starts at $20 for packages up to 300g.

Minimum purchase: $5

Wants list - Updated

(Photo stolen from different sources via google search, if they belonged to you and you don't want them here I will remove it)
Hang tag isn't a must, but prefer to pay less if no hang tag.
Items in bold have higher priority than others.


- Poliwhirls: Poliwhirl plushplush, beanie plush (Kutakuta), with or without tags are fine, gameboy bag in like-new condition.


- Turtwigs: Pokedoll charm, pokedoll bouncy ball, pokedoll metal charm

- Loose card sleeves - Only need one for collection purpose, new condition only. Also interested in any other card sleeves, not just limited to the ones below :)


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Apr. 26th, 2017 01:44 am (UTC)
Hello there :) Are you interested in the Vulpix/Pikachu Sapporo coasters at all? I have some for sale in my sales post. Here's a picture of them:

Apr. 26th, 2017 02:00 am (UTC)
Hello! I am more interested in the clear cards than the coasters, since I love the translucent effect on those. But thanks for offering <3
Apr. 26th, 2017 02:24 am (UTC)
That's okay! No worries :D
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